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Global Weather

These video's document the Cyprus weather at it's worst and most violent. This weather is not typical Cyprus weather, we're used to 300 days of sunshine a year !!. Still it sure gets interesting when this stuff happens !!

Don't let these video's put you off coming to Cyprus on Holiday,

but if you do come remember to pack your video camera because you never know.........

Paphos Hotel gets flooded on Fri 13th

Twin tornados Nicosia 18 Sept 2009

Tornado Larnaca 26th March 2009

3 tornados strike Limassol 2/3/07

Thunderstorm over whole Island

North Cyprus 6/7/06

 Ayia Napa 25/11/06

Lightning storm 29/5/10

Larnaca Lightning 28/2/10

Tornado Nicosia 14-12-20

Oronliki, Dhekelia 15/11/09

 Tala Paphos, 13/12/10

Dust Devil at Akamas 2/9/12 

Ayia Napa 6/10/12

 Ayia Napa 9/10/12

Dams - Empty - Frozen - Full - Overflowing